Central Auckland

Central Auckland is the buzzing epicentre of New Zealand’s largest city. Central Auckland extends from the waterfront at Waitemata Harbour southward and is bounded by main motorways on the non-harbour sides: State Highway 1 on the south and west, and State Highway 16 (also known as Grafton Gully) to the east.

Central Auckland is one of the most densely built and densely populated areas of Auckland. An estimated 40,000 people live within its boundaries, a relatively youthful population thanks in part to the high number of domestic and international students studying at the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology or one of many English language schools in the area.

Central Auckland is home also to the city’s central business district, widely regarded as the heart of business and economic development in New Zealand. Over 9,000 businesses in the CBD employ nearly 80,000 people, many in office-based sectors including finance, property and business services.

Central Auckland is considered New Zealand’s most urban and cosmopolitan areas, offering shopping, arts, culture and dining on a par with other ‘big name’ international destinations. Many of the area’s attractions are grouped around several notable landmarks – the Viaduct Harbour, Queens Wharf and Princes Wharf at the waterfront; Queen Street, the CBD’s main thoroughfare; and Karangahape Road, known locally as K’Road, a colourful precinct at the CBD’s southern edge.

Auckland’s waterfront was largely industrial and port land until public discussion began in 2006 which led to ongoing revitalisation efforts. The Viaduct, Wynyard Quarter, and Queens Wharf are now bustling public spaces hosting numerous world class restaurants, shops, and events – the most notable of these being the 2011 Rugby World Cup Fanzone & festival, for which a purpose-built temporary structure called The Cloud was erected at Queens Wharf. Viaduct Harbour is home to the New Zealand Maritime Museum, which celebrates New Zealand’s special relationship with the sea. Among the museum’s permanent exhibitions is one titled ‘Blue Water Black Magic’, which is a tribute to Peter Blake, arguably NZ yachting’s greatest exponent, and the remarkable successes achieved by the sport.

Queen Street begins at Queens Wharf on the waterfront and extends south-southwest for around three kilometres. As one of Auckland’s earliest thoroughfares, it’s home to many of the city’s most significant buildings, both architecturally and historically, including the Auckland Ferry Building, St. James Theatre and Auckland Town Hall. Queen Street is the city’s premiere retail precinct also, contributing to an estimated 50,000 pedestrians each day.

A few blocks away from Queen Street is Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower. This landmark tourist attraction towers above the SkyCity casino and events centre and the complex surrounding it, which includes two hotels and the Federal St precinct , home to some of New Zealand’s most famous restaurants.

K’Road predates Queen St as a thoroughfare, having been used as a travel route by pre-European Maori. From Auckland’s busiest shopping street in the first half of the 20th century, K’Road declined during the 1960s and developed a reputation as something of a red-light district. Then, a slow process of gentrification beginning in the 1980s brought nightclubs, off-beat cafes and boutique shops to the precinct. Much of the ‘colour’ of earlier years remains, making K’Road a diverse, eclectic, vibrant area proud of its rich history.

Latest News

Small aftershocks continue overnight after 5.8 earthquake hits lower North Island

The North Island's been shaken all night long after Pongaroa's 5.8 quake - and GeoNet warns aftershocks could follow for weeks, some as large as magnitude 5.
October 12, 2015

Jaguar sent home for being 'too fat' to mate

He was sent to a zoo in Delhi on a breeding loan but it seems Salman the jaguar is more interested in meals than mating.
October 11, 2015

Quote of the Day

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
October 8, 2015


Emerging choreographers take on contemporary dance, mixing traditional forms with aerial circus, interactive props and Pacific folklore in FRESH.
October 6, 2015

Glendene family loses everything after house explodes

A family of five has been left with nothing but the clothes on their backs after a devastating house fire.
October 4, 2015

Pop Punk Night

We're spinning all the best Pop Punk ever released from Blink 182 to Offspring, Ramones to Anti Flag & Good Charlotte to Goldfinger.
October 1, 2015

Quote of the Day

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
September 30, 2015

Jet-boaters make most of Marlborough flooding

A group of keen jet-boaters whizzed up and down the Omaka River, in Blenheim, after heavy rain caused it to flood last week.
September 28, 2015

Creative Jazz Club: Mike Nock / Roger Manins Duo (Aus/NZ)

A Double Celebration! Pianist Mike Nock and saxophonist Roger Manins recorded a duo CD earlier in the year, Two-Out, featuring tunes they've been playing most of their lives. They’ll be launching it at CJC, Wed Sept 23rd to coincide with Mike's 75th birthday.
September 22, 2015

Kiwi Matthew Dawson-Clarke dies in Peru after tobacco purge

A Kiwi man has died soon after taking part in a "tobacco purge" at a resort in Peru.
September 21, 2015

Quote of the Day

Sometimes in my class I have people come in and do monologues inspired by people they know and I always find that to be useful to do specifics about somebody and then you're actually doing a character and not doing some random old lady or something.
September 20, 2015

Giant sausage gifted to Southland town

Celebrating the arrival of the sausage-on-a-fork monument for Tuatapere, a gift from ZM Radio, are, from left, Lisa Challis from Tuatapere, ZM radio announcers Vaughan Smith and Carl Fletcher, and Aaron Challis with his daughter Ruby, 4, also from Tuatapere.
September 17, 2015

AUES Presents Stein 4: Childs Play

The final stretch of the year is here folks, and AUES is here to see you off with our final blow out for 2015!
September 16, 2015

Window display 'degradation of women'

A sex shop next door to an after school tutoring business has some parents unhappy about a "straps and buckles" display right in front of children.
September 15, 2015

Quote of the Day

The Christian leaders of the future have to be theologians, persons who know the heart of God and are trained - through prayer, study, and careful analysis - to manifest the divine event of God's saving work in the midst of the many seemingly random events of their time
September 9, 2015

Wife steals police car while husband is cuffed inside

A real life Bonnie and Clyde pair sparked a manhunt in Alaska after the woman stole a police car while her husband was cuffed inside.
September 7, 2015

Tiger Presents Songwriters Sessions

An acoustic session with a variety of Auckland's emerging songwriting talent! This is an opportunity for musicians to perform their original material, chat about their songs, meet other local songwriters and help build a supportive community.
September 6, 2015

Quote of the Day

I'm not like most designers, who have to set sail on an exotic getaway to get inspired. Most of the time, it's on my walk to work, or sitting in the subway and seeing something random or out of context.
September 3, 2015

Kiwis wary of Aussie claim to Big Ben's world sheep fleece record

Australian claims that they have snatched the world sheep fleece record are being treated with some scepticism in New Zealand.
September 2, 2015

Wet wild weather leaves widespread flooding

Heavy rain is closing roads in Waikato after a storm lashing New Zealand left widespread flooding in Auckland.
August 31, 2015

Skimming device found on Auckland cash machine

Westpac is investigating after a skimming device was discovered on one of its ATMs in Auckland's Grey Lynn.
August 26, 2015

Raw Comedy - Winter Season

A brand new Winter season of Raw Comedy - the Open Mic for new comedians at NZ's home of live comedy. Stand up and be counted and you could be in the running for the 2016 Raw Comedy Quest when we go in search of NZ's funniest new face from March to May 2016.
August 23, 2015

Auckland ranked among 'most liveable cities' in the world

Auckland continues to rank as one of the most liveable cities in the world, shrugging off its traffic woes and spiralling house prices.
August 19, 2015

Quote of the Day

When I have a bad day, I dream about opening up a gelato stand on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Doesn't everyone have a random escape fantasy?
August 18, 2015

Inventor's mum rescues Roofliss

A mother's love has saved Marlborough's history-making amphibious van from the scrap heap.
August 17, 2015

Elvis: One Night With You - The Studio Sessions

Grab a ringside seat among the bright lights of Vegas, and a privileged perspective on the poignant final studio sessions at Graceland on Elvis Presley Boulevard in 1976.
August 13, 2015

Whale takes a liking to central Auckland

A large whale has been spotted swimming just metres from shore in Auckland Harbour.
August 10, 2015

Quote of the Day

As artists, we are so not in control most of the time of the content or the narrative of our characters, and sometimes writing takes a turn and it's not something we necessarily have control over. It's just a lot of random dumb luck, so when things click, you've just got to enjoy it.
August 9, 2015

Video of giant Minion attack emerges

A large inflatable of a yellow movie character caused chaos on the roads of North Dublin on Monday, when it broke free from a nearby fairground.
August 5, 2015

Sharks caught in set nets raise concern for water users

Six thresher sharks washed up on a Hibiscus Coast beach have raised concerns for beach goers who say set netters were in the area the night before.
August 4, 2015

An Evening with the Modern Māori Quartet: Auckland

Kicking off the highly anticipated first PANNZ Touring Agency tour, the acclaimed Modern Māori Quartet are excited to be heading to a range of venues across the North and South Islands, including Whanganui, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Tauranga and Christchurch, from August to October 2015.
August 3, 2015

Quote of the Day

You can blow on the dice all you want, but whether they come up 'seven' is still a function of random luck.
July 29, 2015

Auckland designers makeover missing cat posters

A pair of graphic designers may have the "purrfect" solution to tracking down missing moggies.
July 27, 2015

Pacific approach to health recognised

Pacific health will be in the spotlight for students at AUT South this semester.
July 26, 2015

Comedy Allstars

Every Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm we kick off our popular 2 hour weekend show at NZ's home of live comedy.
July 23, 2015

Quote of the Day

I don't like accidental success. It's what Bill Gates calls 'random,' a term he uses with the opposite of respect.
July 21, 2015

House trashed but dishes done by 'Goldilocks' burglar

Police are investigating the case of a burglar who did the dishes, and got away clean.
July 19, 2015

What's On Auckland: Farewell to Freedom Edition

Check out our weekly guide of things you can do in Auckland this weekend. From galleries to concerts and markets to museums, there's something for everyone here.
July 16, 2015

Thursday Pro Night

It's Thursday at NZ's home of live comedy and that means it's Pro Night featuring NZ's top headline acts, the rising stars, the promising new faces and surprise international guests passing through.
July 15, 2015

Quote of the Day

The truth is that killing innocent people is always wrong - and no argument or excuse, no matter how deeply believed, can ever make it right. No religion on earth condones the killing of innocent people; no faith tradition tolerates the random killing of our brothers and sisters on this earth.
July 15, 2015


Book Sellers Northland/Auckland

Hard to Find Books Ltd

From the old to the new
13th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Building Inspections North Shore

A B Property Inspections

With more than three decades of experience and training within the industry, inspecting properties in the area.
13th October, 2015 - North Shore
BlindsCurtains North Shore

Window Answers Blinds Ltd

Manufacturers and suppliers of quality blinds | North Island
13th October, 2015 - North Shore
Personal Finance Northland/Auckland

Pioneer Finance

Cash when you need it
12th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Landscaping North Shore

Creative Landscape Solutions

Make your property look better with the ultimate landscaping experience Servicing Greater Auckland area From Wellsford to Pukekohe
12th October, 2015 - North Shore
PaintersPlasteringWater Proofing North Shore

Colourworks Painters & Decorators

Professional painters for your home renovations or commercial building
11th October, 2015 - North Shore
Cleaners West Auckland

Cherry Cleaning Co

Call for a free inspection and quote. Auckland Wide commercial and domestic cleaning.
11th October, 2015 - West Auckland
Flooring Northland/Auckland

b&o CASA

Importers of Exclusive timber flooring.
11th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Business products and services Northland/Auckland

Digital Scanning Solutions

Image conversion and archival specialists, High quality large format and A4 scanning.
10th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Printing Northland/Auckland

Jenkins Group

Labels and beyond – giving you the leading edge Self Adhesive Labels | Film & Packaging Labels | Horticulture Labels & Systems
10th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
GasfittingPlumber Northland/Auckland

Coast to Coast Gas & Plumbing

GASFITTERS & PLUMBERS FOR 30 YEARS, AUCKLAND WIDE Top installer of Brivis Central Heating in Auckland
10th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Painters Northland/Auckland

GT Pro Panel & Paint Ltd

All your panel beating and spray painting. Onehunga, Auckland.
9th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Landscaping Northland/Auckland

Pierce Landscaping Co Ltd

Landscaping design and build for the Auckland Region
9th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland

QBN - Second Hand Car Parts Waikato

For your complete second hand parts in Waikato
9th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Plumber North Shore

Hot Water Fast Fix

No hot water? We’ll fix it same day! Auckland & North Shore
8th October, 2015 - North Shore
Landscaping North Shore

Woodruffe Property Investments

Servicing Auckland with landscaping, project manaegement and property maintenance
8th October, 2015 - North Shore
Septic Tanks Northland/Auckland

Wai Water Septic Services & Maintenance

Guarantee a septic system that performs at optimum efficiency with Auckland septic services and maintenance
8th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Drain LayingSeptic Tanks North Shore

Helensville Drainage

Drainage and waste water solutions
7th October, 2015 - North Shore
Builder North Shore

Dabb & Hargraves

Professional Residential Building Industry in Auckland
7th October, 2015 - North Shore
Appliance Repair North Shore

WISKIS Appliance Service

Greater Auckland region Appliance repairs, servicing and installations
7th October, 2015 - North Shore
Septic Tanks Northland/Auckland

Green Environmental Ltd

Auckland based septic tank cleaner and grease trap cleaner.
6th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Glazier Northland/Auckland

The Glass Guys

All glass types for vehicles, buildings, shipping, marine and heavy machinery throughout the Auckland region.
6th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland

Pest Control Auckland

A guaranteed pest-free environment in your home or office With the best pest control services in Auckland
6th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Roofing and Roof Coatings Northland/Auckland


Gutter Protection Solutions to Stop Birds, Leaves and Snow - NZ Wide
5th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Upholstery Northland/Auckland

Carter & Co Upholstery

40 years of upholstering services in Auckland
5th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Cleaners Central Auckland

NZ Cleaning Services

Carpet and upholstery steam clean specialists. Auckland wide residential and commercial carpet cleaning services and more!
4th October, 2015 - Central Auckland


You one-stop-shop for your recipes, baking powder and gluten-free mixes needs.
4th October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland
Plumber North Shore

Hot Water Pro

Need Auckland's top hot water system experts? The professionals at Hot Water Pro can help you, providing swift, top quality service.
4th October, 2015 - North Shore
Car Valet National

Mobile Hand

Professional, mobile valet service Available nation wide 7 days a week.
12th October, 2015 - National
Printing National

Flag and Banner

Catering nationwide for premium quality flags, banners and banner stands Guaranteed best price for all NZ made flags and banners
5th October, 2015 - National
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Local Business Of the Month

Childcare West Auckland

Biggles Childcare

The collective staff at Biggles Childcare have a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and experience caring for children.

When it comes to providing exceptional early education, Biggles Childcare select the most compassionate and professional people.

Biggles Childcare grows and improves every day with the simple changes your children can make.

Our childcare centre

Biggles Childcare would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best child care service. Feel free to contact us at any time or visit our Childcare Centre in Glen Eden, West Auckland.

Qualified staff members? Click here.

We make sure that your children receive a quality early learning experience that will enrich and enhance their development with help from the team of experienced, qualified teachers at Biggles Childcare.

West Auckland childcare. Click here.

Offering both full-time and part-time childcare services for children aged from three months to four years, and as a fully licensed childcare centre, Biggles childcare is your number one provider of early education in Glen Eden, Auckland.

Ensure you choose the daycare centre that is best for your kids at Biggles Childcare.
3rd October, 2015 - West Auckland
Music Teaching North Shore

NZ Modern School of Music

Have expert music tuition and fun while you learn!

With one-on-one music lessons throughout the Auckland area starting at $17 per lesson

here at NZ Modern School of Music, we offer expert music teachers all over Auckland who are committed in helping you enhance your musical skills and knowledge.

Lessons for all ages

We provide you with violin, piano, vocal and guitar lessons and music theory in Auckland. Every lesson is being customized to your skills and experience.

Get in touch with the music teachers. Click here.

Covering the North, East, West and Southern areas of Auckland, our music teachers offer friendly, great value for money lessons. All teachers have years of experience in the music industry, and also teaching children.

Become a teacher!. Click here.

Do you wish to become a music teacher? We have available positions throughout the region of Auckland. We offer flexible working hours which will surely suit your schedule.

Making music fun for everybody! provides professional, private and affordable music lessons Servicing Auckland North, South, East West Areas 0800 696 874
3rd October, 2015 - North Shore
Electrician South Auckland

Ararimu Electrical

If you are not convinced with electrical systms nowadays, no worries as we can provide you efficient electrical services.

With an excellent reputation, Ararimu Electrical is your best choice for your electrical needs…

Residential Electrical Services - from new house wiring to lighting design and installation Commercial Electrical Services - putting an emphasis on quality work completed within your timeframes Industrial Electrical Services - ensure you minimise downtime and maximise your productivity!

Service for residential

Make sure that your family is residing in a convenient and comfortable home by carefully planning, installations.

Services for Commercial! Click here.

We are professional and skilled electrical contractors that can help you with your electrical requirements.


We are able to help you run a productive workplace with our professional and skilled electrical contractors.

Services for all your electrical needs. From South Auckland to North Waikato
2nd October, 2015 - South Auckland
Roofing and Roof Coatings North Shore

GSM Roofing

Gavin & Sandra Melville and their experienced team at GSM Roofing offer top quality roofing services. Talk to GSM Roofing for all your roofing needs including:

Roof maintenance and repair work Reroofing to suit your homes or businesses Supply and installation of new roofs

Complete the form to the right for your FREE roofing quote.

New roofs! Click here.

We have a wide range of roofing options to suit your requirements and your budget. Get in touch with the experts at GSM Roofing.

Reroofing jobs? Click here.

Does your roof need a re-birth? The team at GSM have a range of options to suit what you want and how much you want to spend.

Roofing repair services? Click here.

Whatever roofing requirement you may have the team at GSM Roofing will take the job on and get it done!

A wide range of roofing services throughout the greater Auckland region - new roofs, reroofing, roofrepairs for residential & commercial properties, asphalt, colorsteel & concrete roofing
2nd October, 2015 - North Shore
Marketing Northland/Auckland


Appealing to possible clients online is crucial to most businesses in an age where most of your customers have access to a computer.

ASaPP internet marketing has been assisting businesses increase their net earnings and develop as a corporation for years.

We have over a decade of providing internet marketing services, an our investment returns are most often from 100% to 1000%.

Our company? Click here.

Since the establishment of TradeSkills in 2001, ASaPP has developed into other services and products helping out businesses expand across New Zealand using their practical knowledge and skills.

Charitable Trusts. Click here.

It's our time to give something back to the communities, after the businesses and families have all contributed and been contributed to by New Zealanders across generations.

Previous Clients

They range from services such as immigration and equestrian, a very wide range of tradesmen and products from Showerdomes to fences.

Internet marketing for businesses with an extensive selection of affordable options.
1st October, 2015 - Northland/Auckland

National Business Of the Month

Food products National

Mexican Supplies Limited

The Mexicano Corn Chip company offer delicious Mexican style corn chips, and with Gluten Free options there is something for everyone and every occasion.

We have the capacity to export worldwide along with already stocking a wide range of NZ supermarket outlets.

Mexicano is run by Mexican Supplies Limited, they can also provide an excellent range of other authentic Mexican food products.

What do we do?

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, Mexican Supplies Ltd is the manufacturer of the quality Mexicano Corn Chips.

What's the range?. Click here.

Apart from NZ's tastiest, home grown GM free corn chips, we also make a wide range of other Mexican foods.

Want to know more?

Interested in stocking NZ's favorite corn chip in your store? Get in touch with us and we'll make it easy!

Worldwide distributorship of New Zealand grown, GM free corn chips
3rd October, 2015 - National
Printing National


Display stands for conferences, trade shows & in-store use. OVER 42,000 SYSTEMS SOLD SINCE 1995!

The ease of assembly is great, the image quality is stunning!

Prompt callback response for enquiries and a 24hr* emergency print service for those ultra desperate jobs.

Get more for your dollar with BANNERBUG

At 2.2m, you can make all their heads turn at your premium pull-up banner.

Satisfaction at a very budget friendly price.

Economical 'Pull-Up' display solution for the budget conscious.

Amazing portable display systems for your presentations and shows.
2nd October, 2015 - National